CGM Open press and news archive.


  • CGM Open secession from OASIS- assets of OASIS CGM Open member section transferred to CGM Open Foundation


  • CGM Open Foundation a Texas non-profit organization is formed to continue work on WebCGM Standard




  • OASIS WebCGM TC completes and endorses a set of WebCGM 2.1 requirements for the proposed WebCGM 2.1 project (12/2007).
  • OASIS CGM Open WebCGM TC refines requirements for potential WebCGM 2.1 project at Seattle face-to-face meeting (8/2007).
  • W3C and OASIS Jointly Issue New Web Standard for Industrial Graphics. Cooperation brings broad expertise to WebCGM 2.0.





  • CGM Open member meeting reviews draft WebCGM DOM, advances Interoperability Project data and tracking tools (9/2003).
  • CGM Open member meeting focuses on WebCGM DOM and Event model, plus further deployment of Interoperability Project data and tracking tools (6/2003)
  • CGM Open presents WebCGM-SVG comparison with respect to technical graphics requirements at XML 2003 Europe interoperability project released (5/2003)
  • CGM Open member meeting focuses on Interoperability Project topics, including actual conformance data for the WebCGM products, and deployment of the Interop-problem tracking system. (4/2003)
  • First results of CGM Open's Interoperability Project released -- a product directory of WebCGM products (2/2003)




  • CGM Open and W3C co-sponsor Web Graphics track at XML'2000, December 4-8, Washington DC.
  • CGM Open Technical committee meeting prepares details for early-2001 maintenance release of WebCGM.
  • Technical Committee meeting spends full day on technical agenda, Paris (9/2000)
  • Task-team engineer to Microsoft campus, devises BHO solution to "#-fragment" problem (8/2000)
  • Technical Committee meeting spends full day on technical agenda, Denver (6/2000)
  • CGM Open co-sponsors Web Graphics track at XML'2000 Europe, Paris (6/2000)
  • CGM Open hires Program Director, Lofton Henderson (4/2000)
  • Annual General Meeting, plus Technical Committee meeting, in Memphis (3/2000)
  • URI fragment (object-linking) task team forms and commences work (3/2000)


  • CGM Open members demonstrate WebCGM Interoperability at XML'99, Granada Spain
  • Boeing , Airbus and U.S. Navy Joins CGM Open.
  • Two days of detailed Technical Committee meetings at OASIS summer workshop, Montreal
  • CGM Open becomes an OASIS affiliate. Press release, FAQ


  • CGM Open participated in the OASIS Summer Workshops. Have a look at the report.

  • CGM Open has selected a logo. This web site is the first place to use the logo.
  • ISO SC24 has approved "Category C" liaison status for the CGM Open Consortium. From now on CGM Open can participate in the activities of the ISO CGM standard committee.