Products supporting WebCGM

With the adoption of WebCGM in industry, CGM Open receives requests for information about products that support WebCGM. The listings in this section provide information about products with WebCGM support that are offered by CGM Open members.

Product categories


CGM Open Foundation (CGMO) in no way endorses the member products that are referenced on these Web pages, nor does it make any representation or warranties, expressed or implied, about the accuracy of any information on these pages, or the fitness or suitability of any referenced products to their intended purposes or any other purposes. Please see the full disclaimer.

Implementation Conformance Statements

For each product, you will find a pro forma page -- the Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) -- where the vendor describes the product's level of support for WebCGM. This information is expected to be correct and precise, if you find out that this is not the case please let us know.