Welcome to the WebCGM Resource Page!

•Comprehensive WebCGM resource

Starting here, you can find everything you need, to learn about and start using WebCGM:

° a WebCGM Product Directory

° a WebCGM FAQ

° the WebCGM profile

° a WebCGM reference library

• CGM and the Web

CGM can and is being used on the Web:

° CGM has been a registered MIME type since 1995;

° W3C first published WebCGM 1.0 profile as a Recommendation in 1999;

° Work finished in 2007 on the significant WebCGM 2.0 upgrade.

° WebCGM 2.1 enhancements to 2.0 finished in 2010.

° A WebCGM test suite is freely available;

° Numerous good WebCGM implementations;

• Still have questions?

° post a message on the CGM Open group on LinkedIn;

° or, contact us directly at CGM Open