Reference documents & related materials for CGM and WebCGM

Proposed requirements by CGM Open Foundation members that define the scope of WebCGM version 3.0.

The requirements, approved by the WebCGM TC, that define the scope of WebCGM 2.1.

The WebCGM 2.0 Conformance Test Suite, adding tests for new DOM, XCF, graphical, and dynamic functionality, and adjusting existing 1.0 tests according to revised 2.0 specifications.

An enumeration of the requirements that were compiled to define the scope of WebCGM 2.0.

A description of the concept and technique of using one profile (e.g., WebCGM) as a foundation for definition profiles in closely related application sectors.

The original WebCGM 1.0 Conformance Test Suite, including 200+ tests of static graphics functionality and 25+ tests of the dynamic (hyperlink) functionality.

A ZIP archive containing a demo and tutorial of the basic features of WebCGM.

A summary of the CGM standard and CGM profiles

A Browser Helper Object, that bypasses a MSIE bug and allows WebCGM (and other) referenced datatypes to function correctly in the MS Internet Explorer browser.

A prototype XML encoding of CGM, designed and proposed by John Junod et al (U.S. Navy). (See also full package, revised 2003-05-15)

The ISO Registry of Graphical Items contains a number of registered extensions to CGM -- linetypes, compression types, etc -- which have been used in key CGM profiles, such as WebCGM.

Optimal use of the FONT PROPERTIES element that is allowed in WebCGM requires the ability to specify a typeface design group, as a triplet of integers that index into the taxonomy defined in ISO/IEC 9541, Annex A.

The detailed project plan of the CGMO-NIST WebCGM test suite (also available as downloadable ZIP archive).

Interesting information about CGM & WebCGM