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CGM Open Joins OASIS
November 16, 1998

International XML/SGML Consortium Expands to Include Web Graphics Standard

November 16, 1998; Chicago, IL, USA--OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, announced that CGM Open has become the first affiliate member organization under the OASIS umbrella. CGM Open is a non-profit group dedicated to accelerating the further adoption, application, and implementation of the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), the international standard for open interchange of structured graphical objects and their associated attributes.

"While up until now, OASIS has concentrated on interoperability within XML and SGML, the consortium supports all structured information standards. Web graphics are a large part of the publishing process, and resolving CGM/XML interoperability issues is crucial as both standards gain widespread adoption," said Norbert Mikula (Datachannel), chief technical officer of OASIS. "We hope that CGM Open will be the first of many affiliate organizations within OASIS, giving the consortium the capability to address the complete spectrum of structured information standards as one body."

"The members of CGM Open were unanimous in their desire to pursue affiliation with OASIS," said CGM Open chairperson, Lofton Henderson of Inso Corporation, a sponsor member of both OASIS and CGM Open. "We are confident that this alliance will allow CGM Open to accelerate our program significantly and provide greater awareness within the industry for our work."

CGM Open organized the graphics track for XML 98 and was a major contributor to the WebCGM profile, currently in W3C processing to become a W3C Recommendation. CGM Open will continue to concentrate its efforts on technical issues such as WebCGM 1.0, CGM property sets, reference viewers, standard companion files and interoperability solutions. CGM Open's education program will conduct tutorials and produce white papers and other objective materials on CGM. CGM Open is working with OASIS to integrate CGM and SGML/XML.

OASIS ( is a non-profit, international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent data and content interchange. Focusing on product interoperability, conformance and market awareness, OASIS embraces the complete spectrum of structured information standards including XML, SGML and HTML. Members of the consortium include users and suppliers of products and services that support these structured information standards. OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, AND-USA, ArborText, Chrystal Software, Database Publishing Systems, DataChannel, Folio, Graphic Communications Association, Inso, Interleaf, ISOGEN, POET Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, Sörman Information, STEP, Sun Microsystems, Texcel, Thomson, Xyvision and the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation. OASIS contributors include ActiveSystems, AIS/Berger Levrault, Architag, CITEC International, Crane Softwrights, CSW Informatics, Data Conversion Laboratory, Document Management Solutions Inc, Electronic Data Foundry, Enigma, Fuji Xerox Information Systems, Inera, Infrastructures for Information, InfoObjects, Jouve Software, L. A. Burman Associates, Lonergan Digital SARL, Matthew Bender & Company, Microstar Software, Mulberry Technologies, Multilingual Technologies, Neville & Associates, Noldor Technology, NPC Digital Services, Progressive Information Technologies, ProText, RivCom, Solvera Information Services, Soph-Ware Associates, Structured Information Consulting, Synex Information AB, Synth-Bank, Tata Infotech, TechnoTeacher, TechSight Engineering Services, Uniscope, VEO Systems, Xia Information Architects and XML Xperts.

CGM Open ( sponsors include Bentley Systems, Inso Corporation, InterCAP Graphics Systems, ITEDO Software GmbH, Larson Software Technology, System Development, Xerox and Zeh Graphics Systems. CGM Open contributors include Bruce Garner. CGM Open participants include Jeppesen Sanderson and NIST.

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