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The CGM Standard and Profiles

The CGM Standard CGM is a format defined by the International standard ISO/IEC 8632:1999 for digitally describing vector, raster, and hybrid (raster and vector) graphic pictures very compactly. It has proven to be a very good format for the technical illustrations in electronic documentation, geophysical data visualization, and other demanding 2-dimensional graphics presentation applications.

Information on the CGM Standard:

Pofiles are subsets of CGM:1992, defined by application communities to promote interoperability among users of the AP. There are several CGM APs:

WebCGM Profile W3C Recommendation for CGM use in Web applications  
ATA Profile ATA Specification 2100 Graphics Exchange Stuart Galt
CALS Profile (28003a) Digital Representation for Communication of Illustration Data Harry Whittaker
CGM*PIP Profile Petroleum industry profile POSC
Model Profile General purpose profile defined in ISO 8632