CGM Open Foundation is non-profit international foundation, made up of developers and users dedicated to open and interoperable standards for the exchange of graphical information. The principal mission of CGM Open Foundation is to accelerate the further adoption, application, and implementation of the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), the ISO standard for open interchange of structured graphical objects and their associated attributes.

Who Benefits:

  • Developers
  • Decision-Makers
  • End Users

CGM Open Foundation provides its members with an open forum to discuss market needs and directions, and to develop and provide guidelines to enhance product interoperability. The Foundation receives, coordinates, and disseminates information describing CGM methodologies, technologies, and implementations.

The work of CGM Open complements that of standards bodies, focusing on making CGM easy to adopt, and CGM based products practical to use, in real-world, open system applications.

Because the CGM standard does not constrain the architecture and functionality of applications, great diversity can and does exist among applications and product implementations. CGM Open will establish guidelines for an implementation framework within which diverse products will be able to interoperate, without compromising the platform and product independence of CGM graphics or the potential for diversity, growth, and extensibility inherent in the standard.

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CGM Open Foundation is the home for on-going development and refinement of WebCGM -- a CGM profile to make CGM easy to adopt and practical to use in real world, open systems Web applications. The technical work of CGM Open is carried out by the CGM Open WebCGM TC.